Never Be A Parking Lot Zombie Again: Hyundai Smart Watch App

Who knew that your wrist watch was just raw and untapped digital real estate? Your timepiece was just sitting there, only telling the time. In our tech-savvy world, it’s hard to imagine such simplicity.

Now, your watch tells time and locates your car and flashes your car’s lights and starts your car and unlocks your door.  If your car is a Hyundai, that is.

It’s called Blue Link, and it’s the latest innovation from Hyundai. Tech Times explains that, to use Blue Link, “users can simply tap the icons on the watch to choose which task they want the app to carry out.” Users can also use voice commands to execute various functions.

This app will clearly appeal to different people for different reasons. Safety fanatics will love how they can lock and unlock the doors remotely. For those who run cold, remote start will allow them to heat their cars up without braving the weather. If you’re unfortunate enough to forget where you park your car every time, the new Hyundai smart phone app will help prevent you from wandering around parking lots like a zombie.

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