Funky Hyundai CUV in the Works for 2017

Let’s say you want to buy a funky, subcompact crossover. The first option is to turn to the Nissan Juke. But let’s also say that, for whatever reason—maybe you dislike their association with Bret Michaels—you don’t want to buy one from Nissan. What’s your second option?

Unfortunately, there isn’t one—until 2017, that is, when Hyundai releases its own, competing vehicle to rival the Juke. It’ll be a subcompact, it’ll be a crossover, and you can bet it will have the kind of unconventional look that Hyundai has already proven it can pull off with the Veloster.

As Hyundai’s CEO Dave Zuchowski put it, it’ll be “a vehicle that would be really designed for Gen Y, for new-first time younger buyers. Think of maybe something that looks like a Juke or something that has edgy, dynamic styling.”

For now though, the plans are far off into the future. We can expect the new Hyundai CUV to arrive to the SouthTowne Hyundai dealership in 2017, but no earlier than that unless something changes.


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