Hyundai Tucson Wins Ruedas ESPN Best Compact Crossover Award

Ruedas ESPN Best Compact Crossover

Early this month at the 45th Annual Miami Auto Show, the 2016 Hyundai Tucson was named the Ruedas ESPN Best Compact Crossover, one of a series of awards offered by Ruedas, which is the biggest Spanish-language auto radio show in the country.

This win isn’t the first for Hyundai, which has received awards from Ruedas ESPN for various models over the past five years. Jaime Florez, the host and director of Ruedas ESPN, said the Tucson is “everything a young family needs and more” thanks to its combination of safety features, functionality, and comfort.

Hyundai officials have expressed their excitement at the win for the Tucson, saying that it indicates Hyundai’s continuing and so far successful efforts to appeal to a diverse customer base in a highly competitive arena.

Ruedas ESPN is broadcasted on ESPN Deportes Radio and airs on over 48 radio stations around the country. You can listen to it every Sunday from 11am to 1pm Eastern Time.

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