Hyundai to Become PGA Tour Sponsor

PGA Tour sponsor

Hyundai announced late last month that it will become the title PGA Tour sponsor for its 2017 tournament at the Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles, California. Hyundai formerly sponsored the Tournament of Champions in Hawaii.

PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem says Hyundai and the Tour are the perfect match thanks to Hyundai’s focus on the LA area and its “long-term vision and goals as a tournament sponsor.” Finchem went on to praise Hyundai for its sponsorship of the Tournament of Champions.

Dave Zuchowski, the president and CEO of Hyundai Motors America, agreed that Hyundai has “continued to expand our relationship with the game of golf” and cites the fact that the Los Angeles PGA Tour is located in the “backyard of Hyundai’s headquarters in Orange County.”

During its sponsorship of the Tournament of Champions, Hyundai raised more than $550,000 to help children with cancer through the Hope on Wheels program. Hope on Wheels will be integrated into the PGA Tour in 2017.

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