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Is It Time to Change Your Tires?

A vehicle is a thing of beauty and, as with most things of beauty, it requires tender love and care to continue functioning at maximum capacity. When it comes to your car, one act of care you really do not want to skip is the changing of tires. But, how can you tell when it’s time to change your tires?

Here are two basic “tests” you can give your tires to ensure they are road-worthy:

The Quarter Test

Stick a quarter head-first into the tread of your tire at a couple different locations. If you can see the top of Washington’s head more often than not, it’s most likely time to get some new tires, because that set is over-worn.

Age is Just a Number You Definitely Need to Pay Attention to

Even if your tires aren’t displaying evident wear, if they are six years or older, it’s definitely time for a new set. Rubber ages just like we do, folks.

So, you’ve followed those easy steps and have determined it is in fact time to change your tires; now what? That is the easy part! Just give our service experts at Southtowne Hyundai a ring and make an appointment to get a new set of wheels on your beloved car. We are always happy to keep your Hyundai running smoothly and safely!

What Snow Tires Do and How They Can Keep You Safe This Winter

What Snow Tires Do

Are you concerned about hazardous winter weather conditions this upcoming season? Whether you live in a snowy region or simply get hit with a snowstorm every now and then, it’s not a bad idea to get yourself some snow tires.

Many people aren’t aware of what snow tires do, but their function truly is simple. Their special construction makes them much safer on the road than regular tires, insuring your safety during winter weather.

Unlike standard tires, which are made with synthetic rubber that is prone to freezing, snow tires are made more with regular rubber and silica. Additionally, snow tires are designed with a different type of tread to prevent hydroplaning.

Another popular option for combating snowy roads is to employ snow chains, which can be helpful. However, be aware that snow chains significantly decrease your vehicle’s handling and are really only a temporary option.

To learn more about snow tires or winter weather driving safety, contact us or visit us at SouthTowne Hyundai, and be safe on the roads this year!