New Hyundai Pickup Truck Inches Closer to Becoming a Reality

This year, at the Detroit Auto Show, Hyundai gave us all a nice teaser of what a Hyundai pickup truck might actually look like. The Hyundai Santa Cruz Concept showed off Hyundai’s unique exterior styling and also looked like a rugged, stylish truck ready made to take on the world. Fortunately, the dream of a new Hyundai pickup truck headed for production is looking more and more likely these days.

“We’re assuming that it’s going to get done,” Dave Zuchowski, Hyundai’s President and CEO here in America, said. “It’s just not officially done yet.” Fortunately, Zuchowski also gave us a bit of a timetable. He said he expects the new Hyundai pickup truck to be officially greenlit before the end of the decade.

While we don’t know what exactly the new truck would look like or if it would even keep the Santa Cruz name, we do know that Hyundai wants it to be the first diesel-powered vehicle offered by the brand here in America. To meet production demand, though, Hyundai may have to build a whole new plant. Keep up with all the news on the new Hyundai pickup truck and the rest of the lineup here at SouthTowne Hyundai.

New Hyundai Sonata is First Car to Feature Android Auto System

Last year, at Google I/O 2014, we first heard about a project called “Android Auto,” a system that allows your smartphone to run on your in-vehicle touchscreen in a perfectly compatible form. The system brings features like Google Maps, Google Now, Google voice search, and text-by-voice functionality to your vehicle. Plus, you’ll have tons of music and messaging apps literally right at your fingertips.

And we have exciting news here at SouthTowne Hyundai—the new Hyundai Sonata has been hand-picked as the first vehicle to receive this cool new system. The Android Auto system has been on the market since March, but Hyundai is now the first automaker to offer the system on one of their vehicles.

If you already have the “2015 Sonata with Navigation” model, just drop back by here at SouthTowne and we can hook you up with the software update you’ll need to install Android Auto on your car. You’ll also need to have Android 5.0 or higher to make sure the software is compatible both with your phone and with your Sonata. Come see us for more information and to let us answer all your questions!