Hyundai and Gurnade, Inc. Partner Up for 2016 SEMA Show

2016 SEMA ShowThe annual SEMA Show offers automakers the chance to show their creative side with incredible, unrealistic models and show off the work of talented designers. Show goers are able to see some crazy concept vehicles, some of which could possibly make it to the production line. Automakers also have a tendency to team up with design companies and that’s exactly what Hyundai did for their concept at the 2016 SEMA Show.

Hyundai teamed up with Gurnade, Inc. to create the ultimate Veloster concept to show off at SEMA. The Gurnade Veloster concept puts an even more aggressive spin on the hatchback’s stance by adding flares, a rear spoiler, three-piece lightweight forged wheels, and integrated flares.

Hyundai approached Gurnade, Inc. with a proposition to create the ultimate Veloster concept. The company had always been impressed by the aggressive design of the production model so they simply couldn’t refuse.

“So when Hyundai approached us with the opportunity to develop one of their vehicles for SEMA, we didn’t hesitate to create the Gurnade Veloster Concept. It leverages all the strengths of the Veloster and takes it where we always envisioned it could go,” said Joshua Cloud, owner of Gurnade, Inc.

The concept vehicle includes a number of racing features, like Cobra Nogaro racing seats and a front crash bar.

We here at SouthTowne Hyundai are happy to see such an incredible concept at the 2016 SEMA Show!

Prepare Your Car For Winter

Winter is right around the corner which means now is the perfect time to take the necessary steps to prepare your car for the upcoming season. Cold weather can do a number on cars that aren’t properly prepared. That can cause damage or breakdowns you may not be able to afford. Here are a few tips to help you prepare your car for winter from us here at SouthTowne Hyundai.

  • Antifreeze – Whatever you do, don’t forget to check your antifreeze. Your antifreeze is responsible from keeping you engine from getting so cold it freezes and leaves you stuck on the side of the road. Kits that check coolant levels are available at auto stores or you can have a dealership’s service department check for you.
  • Battery – An old battery just won’t do during cold weather. It could struggle to pump enough power to start the car or just die entirely. If your battery is more than a few years old, it’s time for a replacement. Don’t forget to check for abnormalities, like bumps and dents!
  • Tires – Tire tread is incredibly important during winter when the roads are slick. Maintaining optimal traction is crucial for drivers who plan on reaching their destination on time. Check your tread depth before the cold weather hits your area!

Prepare Your Car For Winter