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The New Hyundai Blue Link Smartwatch App: Access Your Car from Your Wrist

If you’ve been following our blog then you probably remember the Hyundai Blue Link App. This new app has been making quite a stir, winning an award at the Consumer Electronics Show and most recently by making its way to Google Play.

According to Hyundai, the company has recently made the Blue Link Smartwatch available, allowing you to access your phone and car via the latest Android technology. The new system is available for Android Wear™ users, enabling owners to remote start, lock/unlock, locate, and more, all from their watch.

“Blue Link subscribers and gadget lovers will appreciate a more convenient way to interact with their Hyundai vehicles,” said Frank Ferrara, executive vice president of customer satisfaction for Hyundai Motor America. “Now you can remote start your car with your smartphone, smartwatch, laptop, desktop or tablet.”

We have to admit, this new watch looks like something straight out of the 007 series. It’s hard to believe cool gadgets like this are now available to anyone who wants one. The watches come in a variety of colors and types, from high-tech modern squares to more simple, leather-strap models. Owners will also be able to access Call Roadside and Call Blue Link options as well.