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Hyundai Slashes Price of Tucson FCEV

Tucson FCEV

New heavy weight contenders are entering the ring in the form of Honda and Toyota and Hyundai is taking it to them. With a goal to offer the best vehicle at the best price, Hyundai has dramatically slashed the price of its Tucson FCEV. The first fuel cell vehicle on the block, the maker is looking to outpace competition by a long shot.

With a dramatic 43% price reduction, the Tucson FCEV rings in the pocket books on many more buyers. Originally priced at $144,000, the reduction brings it closer to $77,000. That’s not all, folks. The South Korean government is playing its part as well by offering subsidies to fuel cell vehicle buyers. Combined with the price cut and subsidies, the Tucson FCEV can be yours for only $54,000.

While you’ll still need to fill up with hydrogen, Hyundai is covering that base as well. Customers get free fuel as long as they own the car. At 265 miles per tank, it isn’t a bad deal in the slightest. Although there aren’t any price cut announcements for Europe or North America (sold as the IX 35 FCV), Hyundai executives are ready to make that announcement at the Geneva Motor Show in March.