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Hyundai’s Support Helps Put Korean Art in the Los Angeles County Museum

Other than making the highest-quality, most affordable automobiles on the road, Hyundai is also in the art business.  The Korean automaker just agreed to help support the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for the next decade.  The Los Angeles Times calls it “the longest corporate sponsorship” in the museum’s history.

Hyundai will provide millions for the museum.  The money will go to support the Art + Technology program, “which launched last year and provides grants to artist projects that deal in some way with technology.”  More specifically, Hyundai’s contribution will help support the exhibition of Korean art at the Los Angeles County Museum, in a “city that contains the largest Korean population in the US.”

Hyundai’s support of art is largely due to the efforts of Eui-sun Chung, the automaker’s vice-chairman.  So far, he has helped broker support deals with the Tate Modern Museum in London and the National Museum of Modern And Contemporary Art in Seoul.