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Hyundai-Google Partnership Could Happen

Hyundai-Google Partnership

In the ever-changing, fast-paced automotive market, those who fall behind are generally left behind. As many automakers continue to research and develop autonomous technology, Hyundai is reaching out to one of the top dogs when it comes to technology. Although nothing has been confirmed just yet, a Hyundai-Google partnership could happen sooner rather than later.

Hyundai is one of the few automakers that hasn’t made developing next-level autonomous technology a top priority. In an effort to remain competitive, the Korean brand reached out to Google for help.

Google has been running its own self-driving program and vehicles have logged well over 1.7 million miles. If Hyundai and Google were to join forces, the Korean brand could become an industry leader when it comes to self-driving cars.

John Krafcik, who left Hyundai to join Google last year, would likely aid any partnership. He’s currently in charge of Google’s self-driving car project and in the perfect position to collaborate with Hyundai.

Considering Hyundai is one of the most enthusiastic automakers when it comes to innovative technology, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Korean brand get a jump on the autonomous vehicle market. Having quickly implemented Apple CarPlay and Android Auto software, the Korean brand is always looking for innovative technologies!

We here at SouthTowne Hyundai are hyped to see what a Hyundai-Google partnership could create!

Shell and Hyundai Extend Partnership

Shell and Hyundai

Shell has been Hyundai’s exclusive oil supplier for ten years, and a recent agreement between the two companies will extend that partnership for the next five years. As Hyundai’s exclusive supplier of oil, Shell is the only recommended aftermarket product for use in Hyundai vehicles worldwide.

As a part of the partnership between Shell and Hyundai, premium Shell-branded oil products will continue to be found for sale in Hyundai service centers. Additionally, Shell will be working with Hyundai to develop new lubricant formulas designed specifically to maximize performance and efficiency in Hyundai vehicles.

“This agreement allows us to create value for both parties through deeper collaboration–be it in products, aftermarket services, marketing or technology,” said Roger Moulding, Vice President of Shell Global Marketing and Global Key Accounts. “By leveraging the strengths of the two global brands, we aspire to offer Hyundai customers the best aftermarket care and service experience around the world.”

The agreement includes the full line of Shell Helix products, Quaker State products (owned by Shell in the U.S.), and co-branded motor oils available in several international markets. According to autoserviceworld.com, Shell and Hyundai will also continue to collaborate on the Before Service Program and Quick Service Program, both of which offer unique perks to Hyundai owners, including free car health checks and expedited oil changes and service.

If your Hyundai is in need of an oil change or another service, stop by our service department here at SouthTowne Hyundai, where you can be sure your car will receive the best possible products.