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Don’t Forget to Wash Your Car in Winter, The Messiest Time of the Year

Wash Your Car in Winter

During the winter months, your car will likely get dirtier than ever, thanks to the snow, sleet, and salty mush that will splash up on it. Though it may seem futile, don’t ignore your car washing routine, which is more important than ever.

By leaving your car dirty throughout the winter, you’ll be promoting rust and damage to the car’s paint and general exterior. Instead, wash your car regularly, or perhaps even more often than you usually would.

If you plan to wash your car in person, we recommend that you do so far before sundown, so that not only will you be warmer, but also, your car will have more sunshine to promote drying.

And this time of year, don’t forget to clean the bottom of your vehicle and any splash guards, which are likely to take a beating. Don’t forget to pay close attention to your wheels, too, when you wash your car in winter.

Whatever you do this year, don’t neglect your vehicle, and if it’s not too late, consider preparing it ahead of time. For more winter weather tips, or to check out our winter-ready vehicles, visit us anytime at SouthTowne Hyundai.

What Snow Tires Do and How They Can Keep You Safe This Winter

What Snow Tires Do

Are you concerned about hazardous winter weather conditions this upcoming season? Whether you live in a snowy region or simply get hit with a snowstorm every now and then, it’s not a bad idea to get yourself some snow tires.

Many people aren’t aware of what snow tires do, but their function truly is simple. Their special construction makes them much safer on the road than regular tires, insuring your safety during winter weather.

Unlike standard tires, which are made with synthetic rubber that is prone to freezing, snow tires are made more with regular rubber and silica. Additionally, snow tires are designed with a different type of tread to prevent hydroplaning.

Another popular option for combating snowy roads is to employ snow chains, which can be helpful. However, be aware that snow chains significantly decrease your vehicle’s handling and are really only a temporary option.

To learn more about snow tires or winter weather driving safety, contact us or visit us at SouthTowne Hyundai, and be safe on the roads this year!