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Fun Summer Activities You Can Do at Home

Taking a road trip to a new or traditional location is a common practice for American families when summer rolls around. There are plenty of other activities to take part in that can be done locally, too! Here are a few fun summer activities suggested by us at SouthTowne Hyundai that can make the upcoming months some of the most memorable you’ll ever have.

Drink Iced Tea

You don’t have to travel to get some great iced tea! A common summer beverage, anyone can make their own iced tea provided they have some tea packets and sunlight. Make a pitcher by letting the tea packets soak in water, then place the water in a sunny area. You’ll have a fresh pitcher of tea in no time! Simply refrigerate and add ice or sugar if necessary for a sweet drink to sip on under the summer sun.

Start a Project

Summer marks warmer weather and more sunlight, which means it’s a great time to start a new project. Consider something simple, such as building a chair or bench, if you aren’t good with tools. Those who want a real challenge could try taking on something larger, such as a shed or renovating a front porch.

Use a Grill

Having a family barbeque is a great way to make memories. Start up the grill and invite the neighbors if you’re feeling particularly social!